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Leigh Osgood

Ms. Osgood began creating art in early childhood — primarily frog-people on adding machine tape, any unattended paper, and with great bliss, the large white wall in hallway.  Upon this last discovery, her mother introduced her to soap and water in a bucket, which became an early introduction to re-useable surfaces and ephemeral art.  No one has ever confirmed whether this is connected to her mother’s subsequent use of textured wall paper. Family members still hesitate to leave her unsupervised near white walls while in possession of crayons...or paint... or colorful food. 

Inspired by her artist friends and art instructors, she returned to school at the University of Maine where she discovered many more creative options and techniques.  She enjoys experimenting with various media and surfaces, from traditional materials such as oil paints, graphite, pastels, and digital photography to more contemporary options such as digital art and yupo. Having earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art, she has moved beyond her frog people phase, and textured wallpaper is no longer a deterrent.

Ms. Osgood’s works can currently be viewed at the Strawbridge Art League Gallery in Melbourne, Florida.

Below are sample images sorted by pastel, oil, and photography.

For more about Leigh and her work, you can visit her website at




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