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Jim Kalupa

A Wisconsin native, Jim previously lived in Florida, Puerto Rico and Los Angeles, California.  Brevard County became home in 2005. Photography and travel are two of the great passions in his life.  As a result, he has covered much of the globe in well over forty years, always with camera in hand. While much of his work is travel inspired, most recently he has started capturing the beauty of his Florida home.  He studied photography formally in the 1980s, but career obligations at the time required his full attention. Since moving to Florida he’s become completely dedicated to his photo art which he views as a constant and evolving challenge. 

Jim enjoys variety in most aspects of life and that is reflected in his eclectic style and choice of subject matter.  By combining fine art effects with photographic imagery through digital picture processing, the 21st century art form, the results run a gamut of images “slightly tweaked” for exposure and sharpness to those liberally and artistically enhanced; from images that are sharp and vibrant to those subdued with water color overtones. He is always looking for the image that will spark his ability and creativity.

He is an award winning photographer with his work in galleries, public and business venues, art exhibitions and in private collections.

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