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Frank Wolking

I have a degree (of sorts) in Electrical Engineering and have worked the bulk of my professional years launching expensive stuff into space and continue on in this field now. This however is not my first love: I like to take pictures (both infra-red and not). At my girlfriend’s insistence we travel all the hell over the planet. As such, I have accumulated a large librrary of photos that the Covid lock-down afforded me the opportunity to play around with. During that time, I also started exploring inducing a patina on copper and brass shim stock. In short order I connected the dots and started mutilating my photos to mount on the patinaed metal. Capping the effort is a charred cedar “frame” all of which is smothered in epoxy. There are however plenty of my photographs that won’t willingly be mutilated and, as such (I think), stand on their own merits. I like 'em anyway.

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