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Don enjoys painting with oils on a canvas.

Don's topics for his canvas are as diversified as he is.

While scenery tends to be his go to topic, he loves to paint something that

catches his eye and places he and his wife have traveled to while enjoying retirement.

Don's introduction into the art world came to him in his retirement years.

Don is a forty year Brevard "native". He is a prominent name and figure within the

auto racing world and his name is synonymous with fast cars especially in the

southeast United States. Don owned and operated a well known high

performance parts retail store in Brevard County for twenty five years (AutoPro

Racing). For his entire adult life racing cars was his passion and he campaigned

nationally on the NHRA circuit, a super charged dragster that traveled down the

quarter mile in 5.50 seconds at speeds of over 265 miles per hour.

Following his well laid out retirement plan, Don recently sold his successful

business and his entire racing operation. Now he asked himself "what do I do to

with my time"?. "Well, I have always wanted to learn to paint". So with a

determination he has always lived by, he began oil painting lessons and found he

really enjoyed this new found talent. What a drastic life style change this is for

Don now. Instead of racing from one coast of the country to another, all while

managing a successful business, he takes in all the lovely things this world has in

it and puts this on canvas. He hopes you enjoy some of his paintings as much as he enjoys painting them. Nothing Don does is in moderation. This would explain the 100 paintings he has done in his short art career. He is just now started to display his art at a few local

art shows and galleries. Please log onto to view additional paintings and for prices.

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