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An award winning artist, Carol Clemente-Ferrazzano holds a M. A. in Visual Arts from

William Paterson University and a B. A. in Fine Arts from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Taught art to young students and undergraduate graphic design and 2D art... grew up in New Jersey... a sojourn in Western Europe...traveled west to Hawaii and was transplanted to Florida in the summer of 1992 as Hurricane Andrew roared through the southern part of the state.


Artist's Statement

How do you express realism, abstraction, light elements, shade, texture and reflection with your passion for the land? Through the magic of mixed-media.


The environment is the unifying theme for my Earth series in progress. The works depict images of ocean, mountain, forest, rock, sun, moon and/or air. Each created for its own sake.

The viewer is challenged to discover new ways of seeing and thinking about the earth.

Media examples include acrylic, pencil, weave, intaglio combined with stuff from nature. 

[Look for peace in different languages within the textures.]


​During the 2020 lockdown and the approaching hurricane season,

I experimented painting on the crude wooden shutters used for the back of my house and

loft-studio. I began with abstract spiral studies (representing central Florida weather),

but my brushes made hues of wild flora appear over these.


​Initially, the camera was used as a tool with other visual media. However, I soon realized the power and beauty of earth imagery alone. Nature up-close, personal and distant. The interplay of light and pattern offered another way to view the earth.

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