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      Carol A. Chiaverini

Distinctly Impressive Designs

Carol has been creating art since she was a young girl in New York. She took art classes

in both high school and college. In addition to creating wearable art in the form of her

unique jewelry items, she is a quilter, embroiderer and creator of designer home décor

items such as pillows, draperies and other accessories.

Several years ago she began working with natural gemstones to create unique, custom

designed wearable art. Her designs are inspired by the color, hue and texture of the

natural and semi-precious stones she uses in her one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets and


A New Yorker with a flare for fashion and design, Carol received one-on-one instruction

in beading, knotting and jewelry design techniques from Jen Lee of Haddam, Connecticut

and Nutley, New Jersey. Carol’s knowledge of semi-precious and natural stones,

which she continually increases, started with training from Susan Dapkus who was a

representative of New England Gem at the time. When in Connecticut, Carol had the

opportunity to work at the International Gem Shows held in Hartford, which she attended

on a regular basis as well as a variety of other shows.

Attending Gem Shows and selecting just the right stones, clasps, beads and accessories

for her jewelry creations is a labor of love. She enjoys searching for just the right pieces

to design jewelry that will stand out for its beauty and bring compliments to the wearer.

She is both intense and reflective as she works on her pieces, always trying to inject a

new perspective, flavor or mood to represent.

Carol has served on the Board of Directors of the Strawbridge Art League and is a

Member at Large at the present time.

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