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Bee Jarosz is a 17 year old student member of Strawbridge Art League and currently enrolled at EFSC. They are a proud member of the queer community and personally identify as genderfluid. With their ever-evolving eclectic and funky fashion sense, you can readily see exactly how much they don’t want to fit in the box of “normal”. 


Creating art has become Bee’s outlet for coping with difficult times regarding their mental health.  The arts have been of interest from a very young age, from singing to playing the piano and ukulele, to expressing themself through mixed-media art. In 2016, Bee was awarded 3rd place in SAL’s Young Artist Exhibition held at Foosaner Art Museum’s Education Center.


Bee’s first love is creating assemblage/3D pieces from a variety of found objects in combination with acrylic painting. Textures from recycled paper and fabric can also be found in their work. Bee loves to surprise people, and themselves, with what (materials) they use in their work and how (it is applied).


“I was introduced to art by my grandmother at a very young age. I continue to strive to reach my potential and am interested in exploring many media in that pursuit. I like to push my boundaries as an artist, so I’m open to new ideas and value learning new methods and techniques. My dream is to one day open my own shop where I can sell my art and oddball creations, as well as providing a space to support like minded artists!”


Bee currently lives in Melbourne, FL with family that includes two younger siblings, two Carolina dogs, and one rather large Bombay cat.  Bee is currently pursuing a future in the design field and may be contacted for commissions through SAL Gallery

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