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Kathy Garvey

Kathy Garvey majored in art in college but then spent years in the corporate world as a technical writer and instructor for great software produced by large companies including Harris, Adobe, AOL and Verisign. Being a maker she also created polymer clay, watercolor, fabric and digital art during that time. Retirement has only increased her play time…mass quantities of butterflies and, more recently, snails and mini-robots (from lost zipper pulls) have been her happy place.

Something I'm most proud of: 

1999:  I became known as "the bug lady" for the hundreds of Y2K polymer clay bugs I designed, produced, and helped others produce to raise thousands of dollars for the Leukemia Society, local schools and local charitable organizations.

2011: In my first year of retirement I spent a month as an AIRIE (Artist in the Everglades)studying the fascinating Liguus Tree Snails and creating art based on their incredible patterns.

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