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Doug Gilbert

Doug Gilbert creates dynamic, colorful paintings that synthesize the influence of the surrealists Gorky, Miro, and Kandinsky with both urban graffiti art and the psychedelic posters of the 1960's and 70's - all of which inspired him while getting his BA in Fine Arts/Painting at Hofstra University in 1971. His works are abundantly populated with ambiguous biomorphic creatures, rhythmic curvilinear fragments, and richly colored regions that inhabit a mysterious but joyful liquid-like world. His work continues to evolve as it reflects his ongoing lifelong personal search for a deep personal understanding of the nature of consciousness and the reality it reveals.


Doug Gilbert has won numerous art show awards and has shown in galleries in several major cities in the US and in Italy, Germany, and Romania. He has also worked as a technical illustrator, a computer engineer, and a professional drummer. He currently lives in Rockledge, Florida.

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