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Elizabeth (Betsy) Beattie


I permanently moved to Florida, after living and working in the Republic of Palau, Guam,

Colorado and Florida since 1993. I paint on paper with acrylic or watercolor and India ink.

My work reflects different periods of my life, my love of warm climates, critters and the ocean.

The critters are real or imagined. Each painting is autobiographical in some way, and I am

happy to share the short back-story of any painting with anybody interested. I occasionally do

commissioned portraits of pets.

My work has been displayed and sold from the internet, in private galleries and stores in Guam,

Florida, Palau, and Colorado, and in the Museum Shops at the Belau National Museum and the

Etpison Museum, Palau. I earned signature membership in the International Association of

Acrylic Artists – Florida.

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